The creative egg

The unexpected arrival of an unknown and persistent virus at the beginning of 2020 changed almost everyone’s life… also mine!
Not an earth-shattering change for me: although working weeks of 50 hours and more were suddenly reduced to a relatively normal 40-hour working week.

Covid-19 turned the world upside down and the rollercoaster of our lives suddenly came to a halt in the spring of 2020. My first reaction was one à la 09/11: a mix of disbelief and a slight feeling of unrest. Covid-19, ¿Que pasa?
But the next one was also one of relief! Finally, someone (didn’t expect it to be a tiny virus) who put a stop to the whole rat race!
Being active in real estate is simply not the job that makes you ZEN…

And so it happened that I suddenly had more time off and rediscovered an old passion! No, I didn’t meet an old love… they are now over 50! 😊… but I suddenly felt the urge and time to get my easel from the attic.

Since the result of creativity doesn’t serve to be locked up between 4 shadowy walls of a man cave but rather go viral like Covid-19, I made the decision to start a Facebook account. An own Instagram account, a YouTube channel and a real website were the next logical step.

You can always find the latest new works on my Instagram account: @estilogerardo
If you wish to purchase a specific work, you can visit the digital art shop.

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